Aventura before the Spanish

Most of this information comes from a lecture during Ancient World Week, 2017, by Dr. Cynthia Robin of Northwestern University, who is currently the archaeologist in charge of the excavation of Aventura.

Aventura/Belize Timeline

All dates before the 16th Century are approximate.

  • 10,000 BCE (B.C.) — First people arrive in what today is Belize.
  • 3,400 BCE — People first begin to arrive at Aventura, long before a city was built.
  • 1,200 BCE — First farming villages.
  • 250-900 CE (A.D.) — Cities thrive.
  • 1,511 CE — Spanish arrive.
  • 1,650 CE — British arrive.
  • 1,981 CE — Belize Independence.

The Three Major Sites in the Corozal District

Cerro Maya

This site was in the Late Preclassic Heyday, from about 350 BCE (B.C.) until about 250 CE (A.D.). It is east of Corozal Town.


Aventura flourished from the Terminal Classic, about 750 CE, to the Early Postclassic Heyday, about 1100 CE.

Chactemal (Santa Rita)

This site, actually in present day Corozal Town, was most active in the Late Postclassic Heyday, from about 1300 CE until after the Spanish arrived, in 1511.

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